Souki Belghiti is a film professional and a photographer, based in Morrocco. 

Born and raised in Morocco, from a Moroccan father and a French mother, her mixed descent developed her adaptability and empathy. It allows her to merge into diverse worlds. Like a chameleon. A wall-crosser.

After high-school, she moved to Paris (France) to study biology initially.  There, she discovered cinema as an art form, felt in love with it, and finally got accepted into the renowned movie-school Louis Lumiere, from which she graduated in 2009. Today, she works as a camera assistant, mostly on feature films (CV)- She also makes corporate movies, using all the cinematic techniques she learned over the years to give them a great production value.  

It’s also during her studies that she started her photographic practice. Her trips back home and forth led her to see her everyday life-what she’d always taken for granted- in a new light. To keep track of her amazement, she started to make photographs- in a very impulsive way. Like one keeps a diary. The diary of a wall-crosser.

In 2013, she moved back to Morocco. The fast pace change of the country, the traditions quickly fading away with globalization, the youth’s effervescence …It made her photographic practice feel all the more urgent. Her style is very direct but intimate-trying to let the viewer make his own inner journey throughout the images.